REDEMPTION – God’s Magnificent Plan to Save You And The World

In conjunction with my work as writer and editor of The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, I have now published my first book. Redemption is about God’s magnificent plan to save you and the entire world – which is the most important matter in all of life! The book description, as found on, is stated below:

book coverGod’s magnificent plan of salvation has been delivered. Know it!

What is the meaning and purpose of my life and of the entire universe? Who is God? What is the right attitude to have about God? What is God’s plan for my life? Who is Jesus? What did Jesus teach us about his Father? How does God show his love today? How do I show my love for God? What does it mean to be justified? What is repentance? How do I know God’s promises are true? Will I have to face the wrath of an angry God? How does the Spirit of God work in my life? What is the kingdom of God and what does it have to do with me? How can I be sure that Jesus is coming back to this earth and what will happen when he does? What reward is in store if I faithfully follow Jesus?

These and many more fundamental questions are considered and answered with Biblical support by the author. If you have ever found yourself wondering about God and the plan he has for your future, this book is for you. If you have drifted away from God at some point in the past, this book is for you. If you have no faith at all, this book is for you. Come as you are and allow this book to help you understand the Bible’s amazing message for your life!

Below is the book’s preface:

As a preacher of the gospel of Christ, I approached writing this book with the intention of sharing lifesaving knowledge to every reader, without focusing on any single kind of person. I wrote to bring forth the reality and truthfulness of the Bible in a clear way with a view toward God’s incredible plan to redeem the world. This material is designed to be spiritually beneficial for anybody; from the most resolute atheist to the most devout Christian and everyone in between.

No attention is given to conjecture, theory or hypothetical questions because the content is meant to be relevant for the average person to easily understand and apply to himself or herself. Salvation from eternal destruction has been of utmost importance as I have taught the Bible’s powerful messages in countless sermons over the years. I have reasoned, “Without salvation, what else is there?” If the salvation of the world is of paramount importance to God, then it should be to each of us, as well. Therefore, I make it the primary focus of this book.

The chapters are topical in nature and support a progression of thought from understanding the identity of God to a conclusion about the deeper mysteries of his plan for our deliverance. Still, every word is designed to be discernible and enlightening to the reader. The name of this work truly expresses what we are discussing: Redemption. God is going to keep his promise to redeem his lost creation. Just as any one of us may return our pawn tickets at the pawn shop in order to redeem what had been lost, God also intends to buy us back. Isn’t that a wonderful thought? He is willing and able to rescue us from sin, corruption, wrath, condemnation and death. He will honor every promise he has made to Adam, Abraham, Israel and the Church. Our Creator’s purpose was and is to save and keep us safely in his care because he loves us!

I hope this book will prompt a deeper investigation, dear reader. I did not write it to debate you but to create and nurture spiritual growth within you as you examine what I have written alongside the precious promises of the Bible. I want to give you a profound understanding of God’s grace. I ask for your patience, an open heart and a prayerful spirit as you take a journey with me through the word of God. I pray that whatever I share with you will crystallize your vision of God’s word and deeply edify your inward being. As the aged apostle once remarked, “Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day” (2 Cor. 4:16). May you be renewed and richly blessed in Christ by the awesome power of the life-giving Spirit of God!

All quotations of Scripture are taken from the English Standard Version of the Holy Bible unless otherwise noted.

For a very affordable price, you may order copies of Redemption from the Amazon store:


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