America’s War on Tolerance

There can be no doubt that American society has become increasingly intolerant. I do not mean that we are seeing a rise of prejudice against non-white races, minority religious groups, women in the workplace, or people with disabilities. All of these are celebrated and honored in our society. Nearly everyone embraces the racial diversity, gender-inclusiveness and multiculturalism that is more evident here than in any other nation on earth. Racism is now socially taboo and institutional racism has been eradicated everywhere. However, American society has launched a war of intolerance against Christians, the Bible, and anything associated with Christianity.

In the 1960’s, the American Left successfully removed prayer and Bible reading from public schools, but they were only getting started. Nearly two decades ago, the Left took on Christmas, insisting that every business and government institution use the phrase, “Happy Holidays”, rather than “Merry Christmas”, in order to avoid offending non-Christians. Their true agenda was apparent. Some push-back from Christian organizations prevented the banishment of Christmas from the public square. However, the Left did not give up. They brazenly demanded the removal of crosses and all Christian-oriented monuments, they prosecuted Christian businesses, they used the IRS to target and investigate nonprofit Christian groups. After losing the White House in 2016, the Left has turned to disinformation and ostracism as their latest, desperate tactic to undermine Christianity. They also infiltrate and subvert Christian organizations from within. In media and academia, Christians are hated, maligned and shunned. The right to think like a Christian has become the despicable hate crime de jour. While claiming themselves to be victims, the Left victimizes Christians with severe vitriol and denies them the right to respond in their own defense. They especially attack those who uphold the Biblical definition of marriage or call for an end to legalized abortion. In recent years, they have also increased their attacks on Jews, as well, condemning the State of Israel at every turn.

Most Christians have become complacent, indifferent to the Left’s ungodly campaign. They are largely silent as the Left deafeningly levies their attacks on the Bible and tout their “alternative” lifestyles. It will be interesting to observe if this trend changes in the years ahead. What will it take for Christians to speak up on behalf of the gospel of Jesus Christ? May God grant us the courage and conviction to defend his truth today! – MAH

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