Xi Jinping’s Biological Weapons Attack on the West – Is There More to Come?


In order to make sense of the worldwide pandemic happening right now, one must first know the Chinese have been speaking about the development and use of biological weapons for a very long time. They have also been talking about their over-population problem. A “soft” pathogen, which does not kill most who contract it, but does cripple an adversarial nation, is exactly ideal to accomplish Beijing’s geopolitical purposes, and it is exactly what we are seeing ravage the world today. If President Xi Jinping wanted nothing more than to address China’s over-population concerns and also weaken China’s greatest adversary, the United States, then the coronavirus bio-attack has succeeded, but was that all he wanted to accomplish?

At the beginning of the outbreak, it was not entirely clear what had taken place in China to cause this terrifying, worldwide pandemic. New developments have removed all doubt. Even mainstream media sources are acknowledging that what has been released on the world is not a natural disease originating in bats or some other animal species, but a man-made biological contagion, aimed to scourge and kill the elderly and people with weakened immune systems. In other words, the COVID-19 virus is a toxic pathogen which has been specifically engineered with the intent to exterminate the most vulnerable. As a socialist system, China’s government is expected to provide medical care for each citizen. Thus, a virus that kills off only the elderly and weak certainly works to the advantage of the state. At the same time, it works against western countries, like the United States, because our ethics dictate that we care for our most vulnerable citizens. For us, it is inconceivable to let them perish without adequate medical care, no matter how taxing it may be on our nation. China benefits from this great moral disparity between east and west.

Eye-witness accounts from China claim that elderly people who contract the virus are instructed by government officials not to go to hospitals but, instead, to stay at home, unattended and left to die. In this way, burdens on the system are easily disposed of. This has resulted in a very efficient elimination of much of the elderly bubble throughout the Chinese Mainland. Even in the hospitals, the aged have little likelihood of survival. Food meant for hospitals is redirected by Communist Party officials. There are also horrendous reports of elderly people being put into body bags and cremated, even while still alive. The outbreak has shown the world just how evil and cruel Communist China can be to its own citizens (if there had been any doubt before the outbreak), and, if China is this cruel to their own, how much crueler to citizens of other countries?

It is obvious that the timing of the outbreak was carefully calculated, just as China had its back up against the wall during U.S. trade talks. They gave in to President Trump’s demands and the virus served as a counterstrike against American economic markets. Immediately before the pathogen struck, Chinese students studying at prestigious universities in the U.S. suddenly went home, without enrolling to return for the fall semester. These students come from some of the most elite Communist Party families in China. During the outbreak, Beijing’s interests have been served unimpeded, such as the kidnapping and murder of Hong Kong democracy activists. Meanwhile, Xi Jinping’s critics in the mainland have been disappearing one by one. The world has been too busy dealing with the plague to complain about human rights abuses.

To understand the reasoning behind the Chinese strategy, one must understand something about the mind of Xi Jinping. According to the writings of Steven W. Mosher and other experts, Xi admires three historical despots; Mao Tse Tung, Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler, all of them mass murderers. He is famed for saying that the problem with Americans is they are “too nice”. Xi is a brutal servant of Satan, and he serves as head of one of the most ruthless regimes in world history. He is a fanatical Maoist, known for executing members of minority groups within China and profiting from the sale of their organs, among many other repulsive crimes.

What do these developments mean for Sino-American relations moving forward and are we looking at the very real prospect of war in the near future? Was the biological “soft” attack initiated just to “save face” in the midst of economic decline for China and the most robust economy in American history, or will there be an escalation of hostilities? If so, does that entail conventional, nuclear or additional bio-attacks to come? The answers remain to be seen but it is clear America is preparing for the worst. Secretary of State Pompeo has just ordered all Americans living overseas to come home. President Trump has activated one million military reservists. The Pentagon has ordered high-level military brass into deep underground bunkers in Colorado. What does this all mean, especially as America reaches “peak pandemic” of health and economic chaos? Jesus said there would be “wars and rumors of wars” (Matt. 24:6). The rumors are certainly out there but neither China nor the U.S. can do anything to change the fact that Jesus is King and only his will can be accomplished in heaven or on earth. Nation may lift up sword against nation, but the end is not yet. When it comes, the wicked will be destroyed and the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father! (Matt. 13:43) – MAH

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