The Mystery of Lawlessness is Already at Work…

SJM-L-SJXTSA-0311Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, Americans have been watching their liberties melt away at an alarming rate. The case data, thankfully, shows that the vast majority of coronavirus infections has resulted in only mild to moderate symptoms, if any, and the disease has a survivability rate above 99%. People with pre-existing conditions and the elderly are the groups at serious risk of dying from this disease. Still, the frenzy fueled by news media and government has resulted in chaos from coast to coast. Most remarkable is the ease with which states have been allowed to suppress basic rights of the people without public outcry. For the first time in U.S. history, we are seeing “stay-at-home” orders, prohibitions from crossing state lines, and government authorization papers required for travel. It sounds like 1933 Nazi Germany, but this nightmare is taking place right here and right now. Some cities are fining residents who fail to wear masks in public. Others are prosecuting people just for being in public. Incredibly, rather than demanding the protection of their freedoms, Americans have bought the hype, and fallen in line. It shows the ease with which Antichrist will be able to exert his despotic “secret power” when he comes (2 Thess. 2:7). Crying for a savior to solve all their problems, including the inevitable threat of sickness and disease, most will eagerly bow the knee to Antichrist and receive his mark (Rev. 13:16, 17). They will gladly surrender all their liberties, as the world ruler promises the toilet paper shelves will never again be empty.

Plagues have been in existence for millennia but the founders of this country, in their great wisdom, devised a system of government aimed to protect the people against tyranny, under all circumstances. The first and foremost safeguard to that freedom, is the First Amendment of the Constitution, which guarantees the right of the people to freely assemble and practice their religion, without government hindrances. Before our very eyes, church leaders are being arrested and prosecuted for holding worship services in some states. While religious freedom has certainly been curtailed in a number of countries already, the changes we are seeing take place here, and in other western nations, is unprecedented. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, has signaled the need to keep social distancing requirements in place until “there are no new cases, no deaths”. He has further called for consulting heads of state around the world to institute a system which can be agreed upon to enforce social distancing internationally. He said, “The one thing we hopefully would have in place, and I believe we will have in place, is a much more robust system to be able to identify someone who was infected, isolate them and then do contact tracing”. In other words, Fauci is proposing a police state – a medical, technocratic tyranny which forcibly detains anyone the government has determined to be “infected”. Since people get sick and die from diseases all the time, the lockdowns and hindrances to free speech will be indefinite. As new viruses are created by governments, governments will also keep “coming to the rescue” in the form of new laws, new social restrictions, registration databases, and mandatory vaccines. If this will continue, there is no doubt the one-world-government, foretold in God’s word, is at the door today. A “new world order”, which suppresses the gospel, and free exercise thereof, is coming. It is the “mystery of lawlessness” that was in its infancy during Roman totalitarian oppression and is about to reach its zenith in these last days. As we have seen, any manufactured crises can serve as the catalyst to world despotism. – MAH

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