The Left’s Obsessive Hatred for God in the End Times

Unlike anything ever before seen in American history, the political Left has saturated itself with a pronounced, venomous hatred for God. The evidence of their evil hearts has been placed on display in American government, media, culture and education. In their mission to achieve dominance, the Left is now willing to shout the most incendiary, subversive, divisive and defamatory language at whim. Their rallies are obscene, sexually explicit, profane, and malignant. They target and destroy the names of anyone perceived a threat to their sinful message and agenda, no holds barred. Their solidified political base consists of sexual deviants (including homosexuals, transsexuals and pedophiles), murderers (via the evil practice of abortion), feminists (posing as advocates of “women’s rights”), racists (posing as advocates of “social justice”), drug dealers and Muslims. Essentially, anyone who despises God and the gospel of Jesus Christ is, naturally, a constituent of the Left’s Democrat Party.

Hatred for Christ and Christians is nothing new in the annals of world history, but vicious threats and attacks against God would not have been tolerated by previous generations of Americans, and certainly not within this nation’s largest political party. Long gone are the days when Democrats catered to an electorate holding traditional Christian values such as Biblical marriage, protection of children from violence, and the prohibition of dangerous drugs. Their leadership advocated free speech, civility, and godly ethics. At this time, their hijacked party demonstrates they are willing to say and do anything for power, including the use of intimidation and violence. Their platform has become overtly antichristian, even to the point of openly threatening the lives of Supreme Court justices in an effort to hinder court rulings that may favor the preservation of life. Back in March, Sen. Charles Schumer (NY) did exactly that.

The Democrats have signaled that they are now willing to go beyond secret scheming. Some, such as Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA), have encouraged public harassment of public figures. Enemies they cannot silence with intimidation and threats are viciously killed, if they see any possibility of getting away with it. If they demonstrate no hesitation to murder millions of innocent babies, how much more so to murder someone considered an enemy of their evil cause? Their playbook includes inspiring wicked hearts to commit random acts of violence, such as the 2017 near-fatal shooting of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise (LA) by a fanatical Bernie Sanders supporter.

Michelle Williams, at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards, lauded and glorified her decision to get an abortion at a young age, crediting later successes to that murder. She also urged women to vote for politicians in favor of legal abortion.

Violence is just one strategy employed by the Left to maintain power. A far more effective method is their use of deception. This is true to form since their father, the devil, was a murderer from the beginning, and he did so by means of deception (John 8:44). The depraved media wing of the Left constantly mocks God. Using deception, they labor feverishly to undermine faith in him. The entertainment industry serves as the Democrat Party’s most ardent and vocal supporters, while they preach bigotry against Christianity. They fight to defend every immorality, and they vehemently oppose everything which pleases and honors God. Female celebrities, such as Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps, ascribe their successes to their abortions, and they lie about the emotional and physical impact on women who abort children. They distort Scripture in a pathetic effort to support their vile belief system. As Satan twisted the words of God in the garden, the Left has shown a willingness to do violence, not only against humanity, but against the truth of God. Some even boldly claim that Jesus advocated such evil perversions as transgenderism, gay marriage and socialism. This begs the question, why does a party so hateful and murderous even attempt to present itself as godly? Is there more involved here than an effort to deceive some gullible constituents into embracing their evil? In this author’s opinion, their evil behavior is a natural reaction to God which they cannot bottle up any longer.

Significantly, the Left uses themes in culture which implicitly acknowledge the truthfulness of God’s reality. Everything they have chosen to twist, distort and malign is rooted in Biblical facts innately known to mankind. This may be demonstrated by the constant references to God and other religious subjects in the leftist-controlled media. Consider Hozier’s hit, “Take me to Church”, or “False God” by Taylor Swift. Ariana Grande’s, “God is a Woman”, pridefully flaunts the singer’s own sexual prowess with calls for men to pray to her and seeking her “blessings”, mocking spiritual longings for God. We may notice, in this case, the singer’s intrinsic conception of God. Why else would she seek to flippantly compare herself to God’s greatness unless she inherently knew he is great, and why else would she mock him unless she hated him?

Ariana Grande’s 2018 hit song and music video, “God is a woman”, merges religious, sexual and occult symbolism, as the star blasphemes God and mockingly presents herself as worthy of humanity’s praise.

You cannot hate a God who doesn’t exist. No one derides Hinduism’s Shiva or Vishnu because these deities do not exist and mocking non-existent deities of a false religion is meaningless. In unison, Hollywood films, Broadway plays, and the vast majority of cable and streaming shows portray characters using the most profane language imaginable. Most shows, including children’s programs, contain regular use of the Lord’s name in vain. Is this not an implicit acknowledgment of their hatred for the God they know exists? This hatred is only possible because of their malicious intent for a truly living God who will hold them to account (Psa. 139:20). You will not hear a single instance of, “Oh my Buddha!” or, “For Muhammed’s sake!”, for the simple reason that blaspheming these names achieves nothing in the minds of wicked men. These names do not belong to the Lord and Savior they hate and reject! Only the true God’s name will be assaulted by those who innately recognize him as the Creator they passionately hate. Satan and his servants, either consciously or subconsciously, always recognize Christ for who he is, and they uniformly revile him (cf. Matt. 8:29; Lk. 4:34; Acts 19:15). Scripture presents unbelievers as those who do know that God exists, in spite of their denials. They deceive others and they deceive themselves, but their anger and conspiring demonstrate another evidence of his reality and divine purpose (cf. Psa. 2:1 – 3; 21:10 – 12; 83:2).

The Left violently rages against God because they know his identity. In fact, everyone knows about God, but most do not know him, and most have not obeyed his gospel through faith. In this sense, they are unbelievers. They will suffer eternal destruction in hell because they refuse to trust in the truth (2 Thess. 1:7 – 9). Instead, they violently suppress truth with their wickedness and substitute it with errors of thought and heart. They exchange it with lies and exalt themselves above him (Rom. 1:18 – 23, 30). Their hearts are filled with hatred for believers in a way that implicitly affirms the truthfulness of our faith. Their murderous ploys are the natural reaction of a desperate enemy, feeling the heat of hell’s flames in advance, inwardly conscious of the God they deny. Their plots against him will fail (cf. Psa. 33:10; Nah. 1:9). Their deep vitriol, foretold in Scripture, confirms their place in end-times fulfillment of prophecy and their coming judgment. Apostle John summarizes, “The nations raged, but your wrath came, and the time for the dead to be judged… and for destroying the destroyers of the earth” (Rev. 11:18). – MAH

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