The Virus Pandemic Exposes Antichrist’s Means of Seizing Power


Not long ago, many of us were working, visiting friends, and busy going about our day-to-day lives as usual. Suddenly, disturbing events began to unfold on a grand scale. The coronavirus pandemic, and accompanying worldwide panic, brought about an economic shutdown and stay-at-home orders in nearly every country. We witnessed the freezing of international and domestic commerce, hindrances to free speech, and even targeted suspensions of religious liberty in many places. Unlike previous power grabs and government crackdowns we read about in the history books, the COVID-19 pandemic was a worldwide, manufactured crisis with massive implications for us all. I say, “manufactured”, because the virus was man-made (see our March issue, “Is Coronavirus a Warning…”), intentionally released (See our May issue, “Xi Jinping’s Biological Weapons…”), and utilized politically in an attempt to bring down American economic dominance, putting us on the fast-track to one-world-government.

While the virus turned out to be less lethal than initially reported, the harmful reaction to the virus proved more destructive than the virus itself, also creating a harmful precedent for civil rights and religious freedom. Furthermore, the United Nations estimates that millions around the world will die of starvation in the coming months due to food shortages caused by the shutdowns. The full repercussions in the short and long term are yet to be seen, but the catastrophe’s prophetic implications are numerous. We know this: Events of recent months signal the Lord’s soon return, the approaching fulfillment of Daniel’s Seventieth Week prophecy, and the unveiling of Antichrist (cf. Dan. 7:7, 8, 24, 25; 9:24 – 27; Rev. 13:1 – 10; 17:16, 17).

In January, I contracted dengue fever during missionary work in the Philippines. That particular virus is spread by mosquitoes in over 100 countries around the world, placing about 2.5 billion people at risk of contracting the virus. Infection is becoming more and more frequent with around 50 to 100 million being diagnosed yearly, and many dying from complications. A good friend of mine, and three of my wife’s sisters, all recently fell ill from the virus. Thankfully, each of them fully recovered. My wife commented about the extraordinarily low occurrence of dengue cases in her youth. (There were none that she personally knew of). Today, infections are quite common, and symptoms can be very traumatic. This shows that widespread plagues, including many novel and dangerous viruses, are not waning but increasing in number. As many infectious diseases have arrived, or dramatically increased in prevalence over the past few decades, the arrival and spread of the novel COVID-19 virus proves we are certainly living in the “beginning of sorrows”, and experiencing the “labor pains” Jesus prophesied would come (Matt. 24:8; Mk. 13:8). The sinful human race, led by globalist elites, is becoming more wicked than ever before (cf. 2 Tim. 3:1 – 5; 2 Pet. 3:3; 1 Jn. 2:18; Jude 18). As their wickedness increases, so does the prescience of Biblical prophecies about rampant unnatural pestilence in the last days. Their relationship to preparations for the soon revealing of Antichrist is also becoming clearer.

In spite of China’s best efforts at propagandizing the crisis, it became clear that COVID-19 is a man-made pathogen, created in a Chinese research laboratory in Wuhan, Hubei Province. On April 12th, the Daily Mail broke the story that China finally admitted to the collection of bat spores from a single cave in Yunnan, China (nearly 1,000 miles away from the lab). Chimera insertion points (“S-genes” which are common to the HIV-AIDS virus and not naturally found in bat cells) were artificially added to the virus incurring a higher rate of infection and rapid mutation. Attempting to shift the blame, the Chinese announced that all of this reprehensible “research” was funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, under then director, Dr. Anthony Fauci. It has been confirmed in a recent Newsweek story the NIH, indeed, provided two grants of 3.7 million (7.4 million total) to the WHO Level-4 research lab in Wuhan specifically for gain-of-function research at Dr. Fauci’s direction – the same Dr. Fauci who is presently calling for universal mandatory vaccines and coronavirus immunity papers to be required for participation in daily commerce.

Meanwhile, wealthy elites with connections to Dr. Fauci, such as Bill and Melinda Gates, are pushing nanochip technology, which electronically “marks” vaccinated individuals. Only those who receive the marked microchip will be permitted to function in society again. For the spiritually discerned, it is not difficult to see where this is going. The globalists have tipped their hand, revealing the way prophecy is likely to unfold in coming years (or even months). Tiny implants may be inserted via mandatory vaccinations, monitoring those who are “chipped”, and preventing those who refuse the chip from buying and selling in the world marketplace. The events depicted in Revelation 13:11 – 18 appear to be extremely near, as the technology required to implement the prophesied Beast system of currency has been developed and is already being touted as necessary on a worldwide scale. An evil despot would have no difficulty commencing his reign of terror, requiring inoculations and microchip injections which enforce obedience to whatever blasphemy required by the future world state. The vital piece yet unseen is the unveiling of Antichrist himself, which will not occur until after the church’s “departure” from this world (2 Thess. 2:3). When the evil world ruler comes, he will achieve all the hopes and dreams of his globalist forbearers with precision and ruthlessness. No one will be able to stop him from causing “fearful destruction”, with “desolation” and “cunning deception” (Dan. 8:24, 25; 9:27; Rev. 6:2 – 8). Until the Lord himself descends from heaven and annihilates every enemy, Antichrist will reign supreme. For Daniel, the dreadful vision revealed these events as taking place, “many days from now” (Dan. 8:26). It would not be fulfilled until “the (appointed) time of the end” (Dan. 11:35; 12:4). The present signs demonstrate that time is now upon us.

Some would object to my interpretation of the present worldwide distress, arguing that it does not provide us with enough evidence of the Lord’s soon return, and the coming hour of Antichrist. What makes this pandemic a distinctly veritable sign? It is different because none of the impactful events of ages past serve as such a profound and obvious catalyst for the power grab depicted in prophecy, and none of them so precisely demonstrate the preparatory work of Satan to establish Antichrist on the world stage. Though the mystery of lawlessness has been at work since the first century, the means for tyranny is more prominent than ever before via the present capability and widespread push for technocratic rule. There never has been such efficient means to silence, oppress and destroy human life, along with the rolling out of key technological components to establish a “New World Order”.

Without Christians to elect godly servants of the people, heartily protecting our freedoms, the world would already be in the clutches of despotism. Had Christians not gone to the polls in 2016 in order to thwart absolute leftist control, we would already have mandatory vaccines, microchip implants, the permanent closing of churches, the institution of registry databases, and the absolute merging of government with business (Fascism). President Donald Trump forcefully took a stand against Globalism at the United Nations, saying, “The U.S. will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance, control, and domination”. Attorney General William Barr has launched investigations into state officials who instituted and enforced illegal and unconstitutional lockdown orders, repressing the free exercise of religion. These things would never have been said and done under Hillary Clinton. A strong pushback from Christian voters and activists has temporarily frustrated the globalists’ plans, slowing down the headlong decline into despotism. Nevertheless, the formula conducive for the rise of the Beast system is already firmly in place. Take Christians out of the picture, via the rapture of the Church, and what is left but exactly what is described in the Book of Revelation! Deadly pestilence (including viruses worse than COVID-19, also formed from the cells of “wild beasts”, cf. Rev. 6:8), universal famine, inflation, tyranny, and the ensuing deaths of billions. We are now seeing the very beginnings of one-world-government, hiding in plain sight under the guise of fighting a virus. With the groundwork already laid for technocratic authoritarianism, nothing will stand in Antichrist’s way. The Restrainer (Holy Spirit) continues to hold him back for now, through his work in Christians, but prophecy informs us he will only do so until he is “out of the way” (2 Thess. 2:7).

There is no excuse for failing to discern the signs of the times we are living in (Matt. 16:3; Lk. 12:56; 1 Thess. 5:1 – 5). We must not view these signs as the world falling apart, but as every piece of the puzzle falling into place. If you see with spiritual eyes, cognizant of God orchestrating these chaotic world events to bring about his glory, you will not be afraid. God allows the signs of disease, famine, and tyranny to take place, so that we may discern Jesus is coming soon, even as it looks like the night cannot get any blacker. This is why prophecy calls him, “the bright morning star” (Rev. 22:16). He is the brightest, most visible star that shines in the darkest dark of night. In these bleak days, let us prepare ourselves, storing up a magnificent reward – the great prize of the crown of life (1 Cor. 9:24 – 27). We must not allow ourselves to get distracted by any vain and temporal thing of this world. The signs are apparent. Jesus is at the door and we must be ready! – MAH

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