Historic 5-4 SCOTUS Decision Sets Ominous Precedent for American Churches


In a great victory for the godless Left, the United States Supreme Court has ruled state governments may limit capacity of religious gatherings. Joining the “liberal” justices, Chief Justice John Roberts argued First Amendment freedoms are not threatened by the ruling, since similar restrictions are currently in place for non-religious places of assembly, such as shopping malls and movie theaters. Though the specific case involves capacity, and not the total shut down of churches, the remarkable legal precedent has flung open the door for the future removal of additional religious liberties.

If the government can decide how and where you may worship, it will only be a matter of time before they decide who you may worship. Prophecy reveals this will occur (Dan. 9:27; 2 Thess. 2:4). The unprecedented attack on believers shows we are transitioning from a system of “separation of church and state”, to a dark era of oppression of church by the state. Save a national uprising in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, nothing will stop the soon downward spiral into tyranny. – MAH

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