Ingratitude: Another Sign of the Last Days


America is in turmoil. Hate groups parading as civil rights organizations cause wild disorder, threatening to “burn down the system” of the most racially and socially equitable nation on earth. The “injustice” they protest is virtually non-existent, as many ethnicities continue to flock to the United States in vast numbers just to enjoy the opportunities and freedoms available here. Additionally, minorities receive special privileges due to legal “Affirmative Action” measures of the past.

Racism exists everywhere to some degree since we still live in a fallen world where sinful man resides. Yet, nothing compares to the protections and civil rights afforded every citizen in “the land of the free”. The greatest multi-ethnic social experiment in world history is now under attack, and it will be fascinating to see how successful the current movement of destruction will be.

Ungratefulness for God’s many blessings is a distinctive sign of the last days (Rom. 1:21; 2 Tim. 3:2). What could better signify this ingratitude than the effort to tear down images of the heroes who brought freedom and equality to America? Certainly, the widespread darkening of “foolish hearts” serves as yet another veritable proof Jesus is near. Come, Lord! – MAH

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