Collateral Damage in the War for America

With this painted bedsheet, a grieving New York resident calls attention to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s cruel order to move COVID-19 patients into nursing homes, increasing virus infections.

We live in a dangerous time in American history. Hostilities are high as two opposing ideologies push their own agenda in an effort to seize control of the future of our nation. On one side is the dying gasp of the old guard, ready and willing to unleash whatever cruelty they deem necessary in order to hold on to power. This elite group of globalists, often called, “the Deep State”, have shown they are even willing to manufacture and spread a novel virus, with the assistance of their allies in Communist China, just to create a narrative they can manipulate and control for their own political purposes.

Right now, the nation is being ripped apart by the most sophisticated and elaborate political hoax in world history, known as the COVID-19 Pandemic. This disinformation campaign is coordinated from some of the highest levels of American government. International media and foreign nations are involved in this same plot to stoke fear, create confusion, and enact division along racial lines, tearing the country apart in an effort to end American dominance on the world stage. Their tool is propaganda and their goal is to create blame that may produce the 2020 election results needed for the reversal of recent American economic and geopolitical gains.

At the same time, so much remains at stake for this elite group. If they are not victorious, many in power will be forced to answer for their funding of the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s manufacture of the novel coronavirus. That research was critical to provide the agent for a worldwide biological attack on a scale never before seen in world history. They will also have to answer for the sinister launch of unnecessary, draconian lockdowns and unprecedented violations of individual and religious liberties. With each passing day, they up the ante. Most terrifying of all, many of them will have to answer for their personal involvement in a widespread pedophile ring that captured, enslaved, and sexually abused thousands of children from every corner of the United States.

While the roaring economy was unjustifiably brought to a screeching halt by the lockdowns, the democratic establishment hiked the numbers of deaths to incite greater fear and panic among the public. Death counts were exaggerated, but the numbers still did not reflect an exceptionally dangerous virus that required the severe measures being taken. In an effort to justify mail-in voting (which is known to be subject to rampant fraud), and stop or hinder rallies of the opposition party, democrat governors then defied federal guidelines by moving infected COVID-19 patients into nursing homes where the highest risk group (the elderly) resided.

The governors of Michigan, California, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania directed the genocide of America’s elderly while the medically equipped Navy ships and quickly constructed field hospitals remained mostly empty. This premeditated and deliberate move resulted in the deaths of, at least, 50,000 people within our nation’s nursing homes. Even with this, along with media feverishly disseminating false reports on huge numbers of infections and fatalities, the panic was still not sufficient to rationalize further lockdowns.

The Deep State then moved to instigate racial unrest across the nation, by presenting a publicly staged execution of a black citizen by a white police officer (both of whom knew eachother from working together in security at a local nightclub).

In the hopes of fomenting a leftist insurrection, key field operatives led teams of anarchists on a rampage to attack innocents and destroy property in the name of social justice and racial equality. Heavily coordinated, Chinese-funded race riots ensued, causing much destruction and anarchy, but the results were still too lackluster for the globalist objectives to be met.

Lately, the media has pivoted to a new narrative, hyping a “second wave” of coronavirus infections in some states. Anyone with a sore throat, runny nose, cough, or the sniffles will be counted COVID-19, even after testing negative for the virus. There can be no doubt the siege on freedom and prosperity will continue, and intensify, until November 3rd. Beyond that, the Lord knows what the days leading up to the rapture of the church will be like.

If the Lord tarries, Christians must be prayerful for God’s protection in the coming months and allow the recent murders, deception, and chaos of this present age to remind us about the closeness of Christ’s coming to rescue us from the impending doom of the Tribulation. – MAH

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