The Resurgence of Child Sacrifice in the Last Days


Child sacrifice to pagan deities is addressed throughout Bible history. Molech (also spelled Molek, Molekh, Moloch, Molok, Molock, Moloc, Melech, Milcom or Molcom), the sacred bull, was one of the most prominent gods of the Canaanite peoples of antiquity. However, there is much evidence of the worship of Molech outside of the land of Palestine. Always associated with Molech worship was the abominable practice of propitiatory child sacrifice.

Hebrew parents were warned by Yahweh God not to “let (their) seed pass through the fires of Molech” (Lev. 18:21; cf. Deut. 12:30, 31). In so doing, they “profaned” the name of the Lord and incurred his wrath against them. Divinely decreed punishment for child sacrifice to Molech was execution by stoning (Lev. 20:1 – 5). Ultimately, for their national sins of idolatry and child murder, Israel and Judah were taken into Assyrian and Babylonian captivity respectively (Acts 7:43).

In spite of all the divine warnings, the children of Israel often did perform child sacrifices to Molech and other false deities (e.g. Judges 2:11 – 15; 1 Kings 11:1 – 8; 2 Chron. 33:1 – 9; Jer. 32:30 – 35). Obeisance to these gods included male and female cult prostitution, luminary worship, animal sacrifices, ritual meals, divination, necromancy, and lustful dancing (cf. 1 Kings 14:22 – 24; 2 Kings 17:15 – 17; 23:4 – 20; Ezek. 8:16).

The worship of Molech was particularly heinous in God’s sight because it involved the shedding of innocent blood – specifically, the blood of infants. Is there anything worse than the murder of an innocent baby (and could we not say the same regarding the modern practice of abortion)?

Commenting on Jeremiah 7:31, celebrated 12th century rabbi, Rashi, observed: “Tophet is Moloch, which was made of brass; and they heated him from his lower parts; and his hands being stretched out, and made hot, they put the child between his hands, and it was burnt; when it vehemently cried out; but the priests beat a drum, that the father might not hear the voice of his son, and his heart might not be moved”. The cruelty and callousness of this ancient Satanic practice is heart wrenching.

Scripture clearly reveals the Canaanite gods were not just inanimate idols but living spiritual beings that accepted the worship of their devotees. When God executed judgment, he did so against the false gods themselves, and not only against the worshippers of those gods (cf. Exo. 12:12; Isa. 26:13, 14). The spiritual entities they worshipped are identified as “demons” (cf. Lev. 17:7; Deut. 32:17; 2 Chron. 11:15; Psa. 106:28, 37; 1 Cor. 10:14 – 21).

Demons, or unclean spirits of the dead, are certainly capable of impersonating graven idols served by pagans, encouraging them, and rewarding destruction of innocent lives in their names. They have been actively working evil since the flood and there is no doubt they continue to do so today.

Since the advent of atheism and the aberrant teaching of Darwinian Evolution in the modern era, demons have not been openly working to deceive in this way. Much more prominent in Western society is the demonic doctrine that God and the spirit realm do not exist.

If Satan can use materialism and secular humanist philosophy to deceive the world, he will certainly do so. However, there has always remained a prominent devotion to Molech behind the scenes. The world’s foremost leaders, politicians, athletes, actors, artists, and musicians are involved in serving him and other demonic forces. They do this not only in principle but by paying homage, literally, and pledging obedience to them. Absolutely necessary for the worship of Molech today is the widespread abduction and trafficking of children.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, there are approximately 800,000 children reported missing each year in the United States (roughly 2,000 a day). The topic of child trafficking has recently become popular after the arrest of the infamous child trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, about one year ago. The issue was even more fiercely debated after Epstein’s assassination in federal custody was outrageously ruled a suicide.

An occult temple found on Jeffrey Epstein’s privately owned “pedo island” is purported to be the location of ritual child rape and sacrifice by some of the world’s most powerful people.

The recent arrest of his well-known partner in crime, Ghislaine Maxwell, has renewed public interest in the disturbing claims of abduction, abuse, and the ritual slaying of minors. Ms. Maxwell is able to provide key evidence and testimony to the depraved acts committed against abducted children by many powerful and influential people including Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Anderson Cooper, Alan Dershowitz, Beyoncé Knowles, Alec Baldwin, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Ben Affleck, Tom Hanks, Katy Perry, Steven Spielberg, John Legend, Ellen DeGeneres, and many others.

The names are found in the flight logs for trips made to Epstein’s infamous “pedophile island”, and some are also reportedly on film committing sex acts with young children. The witnesses’ claims of ritual consumption of baby flesh, drinking of blood, torture, rape, and child sacrifice have seemed just too unbelievable, but their voices will no longer be drowned out.

In the face of great evidence, including the John Podesta emails which speak of “sacrificing chickens (code word for children) to Moloch”, those who refused to accept what is happening will have to face the music.

footage of island
Alleged security footage from Epstein’s island shows an underground holding cell used to detain enslaved children.

It may be difficult to accept our favorite celebrities are participants in these demonic practices, but the facts do not lie. From “Pizzagate” to “Wayfair”, the media has provided cover, explaining away every scandal exposing the sale of children, but they will hide in plain sight no more.

They will no longer be able to hide critical information from the masses, but at what point does it cease to matter? At what point does the Molech cult regain power and go public with their Satanism and child abuse? This world is not improving but, overall, getting worse.

Beyond question, child sacrifice will continue even if an American reckoning for pedophilia takes place. Last September, the Vatican brazenly placed a statue of Molech in Rome. It is a sign of what is coming. We know widespread demon worship will mark the Tribulation (Rev. 9:20, 21).

As in the case of labor pains, conditions of this world may improve for a short time but the frequency and severity of difficulty increases (Matt. 24:8). If the Lord tarries, there may be a degree of respite in the near future, but this world cannot possibly prepare for God’s coming vengeance on the brutal mistreatment of children. – MAH

A graven image of Molech greets visitors at the entrance to the Colosseum in Rome.

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