About KPG

The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory (KPG) is a ministry of the Pine Prairie Church of Christ. We seek to draw attention to the signs of the times, encourage deeper Bible study in eschatological (end times) matters and answer Bible questions with Bible answers. Our mission purpose is to help prepare the Church of Christ for the soon return of Jesus through a ministry of teaching the gospel of the kingdom.

To subscribe to a paper copy of our monthly newsletter, please send $13 to P.O. Box 543, Pine Prairie, LA 70576. Checks should be made out to “Pine Prairie Church of Christ”. This amount covers one year of newsletters and your annual mission partnership with us as we spread the message of Christ’s soon return.

Anyone may subscribe by email in order to receive articles and updates posted to this website. Anyone may submit questions or suggestions for future newsletter content. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us all!