About Michael

87258497_130561461611469_3996074672125902848_nMichael Hildreth is the Editor of The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory Newsletter. Born and raised in southern California, Michael knew he wanted to be a preacher since he was 16 years old. At age 19, he moved to the Philippines to study at Philippine Bible College (Baguio City) and preached throughout central Luzon until graduating in 2008 with an Associate Degree in Theology. Upon graduation, Michael moved to Texas with his wife, Myla, and attended Brown Trail School of Preaching. In 2010, he graduated with a Diploma in Preaching.

Michael has done mission work and pulpit ministry in the Philippines, Europe, India and several U.S. States. His points of emphasis include the promises of God’s word, especially grace, the security of the believer, the baptism and supernatural indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and the pretribulational coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Michael has participated in one public debate on the existence of God. He has also published one book entitled, Redemption: God’s Magnificent Plan to Save You and the World.

After some years preaching in Texas, missionary efforts abroad, and working in the aerospace industry, Michael now serves as pulpit minister of the Church of Christ in Pine Prairie, Evangeline Parish, Louisiana. He leads a vibrant evangelism effort which has strengthened and grown the Body of Christ. Michael and his wife, Myla, are blessed with four children. He enjoys fishing, shooting and playing games with his family.